Welcome to my blog!

My name is Parker Mas, and I am currently a junior at Harvard College studying Government and Computer Science. In particular, I’m interested in data science and its applications to electoral politics in the United States. Through this blog, I’ll be sharing weekly analyses and predictions regarding the upcoming 2020 election as part of my coursework for Government 1347: Election Analytics. If you have any questions or comments, or want to learn more, contact me via email at parkermas@college.harvard.edu

1. What’s in a Swing State?

2. The Economy: National vs. Local Models

3. Predicting 2020 with Polling Data

4. Exploring Incumbency and the “Time for Change” Model

5. Probabilistic Models & Presidential Election 2020

6. Probabilistic Models II: Turnout

7. Probabilistic Models III: Demographics

8. Final Pre-Election Prediction

9. Election Prediction Reflection

10. Election Narrative